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Helping us and saying thanks
Want to say thank you or help this site? Here are some things you can do.
  • Simply say 'thank you'. If you find some aspect of the site helpful, send an email and tell us why (the address is at the bottom of this page).
  • If it's broken, we will fix it. Web sites are dynamic and this one is created by humans - humans that can make mistakes. If you see a typo, a dead link, confusing advice or some other error, let us know.
  • Suggest a program that we don't have on the site. We are not trying to catalog every file recovery program, but if you see software that may be useful to others, drop us a line.
  • Tell others about the site. As you meander around the Web, you are bound to come across other sites, forums, blogs and numerous people who have shared similar problems to you.
  • Finally, some visitors have asked if they can make a gift or donation. The site was always designed for free and open access to everyone. However, if you want to send a dollar or two as a gift to say thanks, click the donate button below (via Paypal).

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You may freely link to any HTML page without asking permission.

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Please do NOT send requests for a 'Link Exchange' (where the sole purpose is to swap links). We consider these requests to be spam.

Unless otherwise stated, software on this site are for PCs using English.

Can we mail the software on CD/DVD?
No, this is not possible.

I need help or technical support
Technical support means any type of question you may have about using a program or recovering a file. Please note that we simply do not have the time or resources to supply technical support or help. If you are having trouble recovering a file and can't find the answer on this site, then please contact the developer of the program or hit Google.

'Your advertising sucks'
This site uses advertising to help keep it free for everyone. Like all forms of advertising, some people may find that ads can decrease their enjoyment of the Internet or become an annoying distraction. Before complaining about the advertising on this site, keep in mind that it is helping to provide a service that many millions of visitors find useful and important. We do spend considerable time searching for advertisers that will provide relevant and helpful ads. We also appreciate this is not always as successful as we would like.

File Recovery Central uses a highly reliable web host and this does not come cheaply (not to mention research, writing and web site coding can also add to costs). If an ad annoys you because it is has popped up, or it uses flashy graphics or gimmicks, simply close the window, refresh the page or ignore it.

Broken links
Web pages and sites come and go, so if you find a dead link (error 404) before we do, please send a quick email with the name of the broken link address and the error messages you received. Please note that "FTP busy", "Unable to connect", or error 500 are temporary problems due to heavy traffic.

Suggest a patch
If you have a suggestion for a new patch to include on this site, please send a quick email with the name of the patch, the supplier and website address.

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