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Flash Player 11.9.900.117 offline installer

Software Developer/Publisher

Operating System
Windows XP (32 bit), Windows Server2003 (32-bit), Windows Server 2008 (32 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows 8 (32bit and 64bit)
Also requires Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher.

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The Flash player is used to display video, game and navigation content created by various Adobe programs and tools. Adobe uses a complex delivery method for installing the Flash Player rather than a simple offline download. This makes troubleshooting difficult and often frustrating. Even the installation of the Flash player is not obvious and it will often be bundled with other software. This little-known standalone installer released by Adobe will allow the Flash player to run on your system – specifically through Internet Explorer (a separate offline installer is available for Mozilla). It will download as a standalone installation package, rather than through the standard Adobe technique. This download method solves most of the common problems users have with Flash player and lets you install it when you are offline. You can update a system without being connected to the internet - useful if there is a limited internet connection, or a security breach exploiting a vulnerability in Flash Player.

In the past, many web-based games were played through a browser using Flash. In order to play a game, you needed the Flash player installed on your system. This lead to frustrations as the Flash player could be a memory hog or fail to install. While flash is now mostly used for video content sites such as YouTube and elaborate navigation on some web sites, it is slowly losing its prominence on the web. Apple’s decision not to support the Flash player on it’s devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad has meant developers are using other ways of displaying content – most notably through HTML 5 and various custom built apps.

This page: Flash Player 11.9.900.117 offline installer download.